Selasa, 01 September 2009

Lovina Beach-Bali

Lining up of busy losmen and hotels with the depleted shady sea makes Lovina one of the most stirring beaches in Bali. Tranquility, incredible under water world and popular attraction is the dolphin watching. A small traditional boat called, jukung, may be hired form the villagers in the morning to bring us off shore to meet these smart and cute creatures. According to the news, theres about 500 - 1000 dolphins here in Lovina Beach

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Getting There=]

You can go there by private or public vehicle. From Kuta or Denpasar, it will take a time around 2-3 hours of driving.

Where to Stay=]

There's a lot of losmens and hotels that you can choose as your places to stay with varied price and facilities.

Moving Around=]

You can cheaply rent a motorbike and visit the neighbourhood.

Dining Guide=]

There are various foreign and local restaurants that offering international and local food with varied price.

Souvenir Tips=]

  • Sea - related products, such as items made of seashells, corals, etc
  • At Singsing Waterfalls, there's a string of 400 meters of souvenir shops.You can buy some souvenirs here

Other Things to See or Do=]

Beside dolphin watching, the other things that you can do or see near Lovina Beach are :

  • Singsing waterfall
    This is quite a nice waterfall on the way to Bedugul.
  • Bedugul temple, this is an absolutely marvelous temple and not to miss while in, It's quite a long way to go there from Lovina by motorbike but also quite fun if you like mountainous roads.
  • Hot springs, quite nice springs, take your swimming suit. You can have lunch with a view of the springs.

Travel Tips=]

  • Dont forget to equipped yourself with sun protection.
  • Bring a bathing suit and extra clothing's.
  • Bali it's very photogenically set at the border of the lake.

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