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Kawah Ijen The Crater Exotic turquoise Watery

Berkas:Lacul din craterul ijen.jpg
The volcanic cone of Ijen dominates the landscape at the eastern end of Java. Crater of Ijen is filled by a spectacular turquoise blue lake, its surface streaked in wind-blown patterns of yellow sulphur.
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Kawah Ijen is the world's largest highly acidic lake and is the site of a labor-intensive sulfur mining operation in which sulfur-laden baskets are hand-carried from the crater floor.

Many other post-caldera cones and craters are located within the caldera or along its rim. The largest concentration of post-caldera cones forms an E-W-trending zone across the southern side of the caldera. Coffee plantations cover much of the Ijen caldera floor, and tourists are drawn to its waterfalls, hot springs, and dramatic volcanic scenery.



Find yourself at the Bali Bird Park to witness the largest and finest collection of Indonesian birds in the world plus fantastic birds from Africa & South America.

Encompassing two hectares of botanical landscape, the park provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species.

Our innovative approach towards the display of rare and tropical birds has progressed from traditional exhibits to that of showcasing mixed species in their natural habitats & in large walk in Aviaries and free range throughout the park.

The park accommodates an amazing display of flora with more then 2000 tropical plants including 50 varieties of palms alone and attracting numerous butterflies.

Incorporating a breeding, research and veterinary facility within the complex, the park has a high success rate in the captive reproduction of exotic birds such as the Bird. of Paradise and Hornbill.

Join us for an adventure that has no boundaries as we take you on a journey across the Indonesian archipelago, Latin America and South Africa.

The park is divided into regions that recreate the natural habitats of our birds, complete with indigenous plant life and traditional artefacts for authenticity.

Experience the original Jungle birds of Bali and encounter the world's rarest bird, the Bali Starling.

Discover the exotic birds of Papua and one of the most comprehensive collections of Bird of Paradise in the whole world.

Travel to Far East Indonesia, home to an amazing array of birds as well as the extraordinary Komodo Dragon, a giant carnivorous lizard which is a direct descendant of the dinosaur and rarely seen in captivity.

See the fantastic Javan Hawk and Serpent Eagles - & listen to the sweet sounds of Java's song birds echoing through the foliage.

Visit the deep jungle and misty mountain ranges of Sumatra for rare and strange endemic birds.

Venture to other tropical continents to view our collection of South American exotics such as the Scarlet Macaw and Toucan, witness the Congo Grey Parrot and other birds of the African Savannah.

See Cassowaries, Cranes, Storks & Pelicans and many more birds as they wander freely living and breeding uninhibited throughout the park.

Stroll within the boundaries of our giant walk-through aviaries that replicate the natural eco-systems of the Bali Jungle and Papuan Rainforest.

Pathways and bridges are carved through the dense foliage where only filtered sunlight manages to penetrate the canopy of greenery overhead.

Several vantage points have been strategically positioned to catch glimpses of free flying birds as they follow their survival instincts of foraging for food, nesting and mating.

These protected enclosures safeguard rare species from outside predators, whilst still exposing them to the various aspects of living in the wild.

Within 2 hectare of Balinese landscape and a free range birds, Bali Bird Park is a popular place for :

  • arranged a special program for family gatherings
  • corporate program
  • group arrangements
  • student group special education
  • other creative competition such as photo shooting
  • painting
  • drawing or
  • annual gathering

Bali Bird Park plays a key role in protecting and conserving Indonesia’s endangered wildlife.
The Park have successfully bred many species, including the rare Pesquet’s Parrot and numerous Bali Starlings. We accommodate more than 40 species of protected Indonesian birds in the park, a growing number of which are now breeding successfully under the care of our staff.

The staff are proud of their new additions some of which can be seen in their incubators through the observation windows of the laboratory & nursery building.

Bali Bird Park - Jl. Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir
Singapadu, Batubulan - Gianyar - Bali
Telephone: 62 361 299352
Fax: 62 361 299614
E-mail:, Website:


One of the largest primate house in the world "The Schmutzer Primate Center"

Entrance to the tunnel along the orangutan enclosure. Photo"BOS"
The Schmutzer Primate Center is one of the largest in the world and houses many different primate species amongst which gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans. The facilities have been designed in innovative ways where the animals can decide if they want to be seen or not and where natural food is growing in the enclosures, the only place in the world where this is the case.

The primate center is constructed in such a way that it offers new ways of looking at the primates. For instance a seven meter high bridge crosses part of the gorilla enclosure, a very long tunnel guides you through the world of orangutans and swinging canopy bridges provide you with a feeling how it is to be living in the trees. In its short existence the center reaped much praise for its very large enclosures and natural design. Several young animals were born here already.

The center intends to contribute to the wild population by sending groups of healthy apes and monkeys back to the wild to be released there. The primate center opens seven days a week from 09.00 till 16.30. Entrance costs 5.000 Rp for adults and 3.000 for children.

Getting There=]

From your local domestic airport, you fly to Jakarta. Arrive in Jakarta, from youre stay you can use many transportations such as: taxi, bus, or rent car to reach The Ragunan Zoo. The Schmutzer Primate Center are inside The Ragunan Zoo. The address:
Ragunan Zoo. Jl. R.M. Harsono No. 1 Ragunan Jakarta 12550 South Jakarta
Phone: (062 21) 7820015, 789015, 7806975, Fax. (062 21) 7805280

One of the canopy bridges. Photo"BOS"

Where to Stay=]

No need to worry where you'll stay in Jakarta. There are many hotels range provided here, from the luxurious, middle range and budget.

Moving Around=]

By foot on seven meter high bridge crosses part of the gorilla enclosure, a very long tunnel guides you through the world of orangutans and swinging canopy bridges provide you with a feeling how it is to be living in the trees.

Dining Guide=]

No need to worry where and what youll eat beacause Jakarta has the best range of restaurants in Indonesia, with food from all over the archipelago and the world.

Souvenir Tips=]

In The Schmutzer Primate Center there are many souvenir who present primate such as: t-shirt, primate doll, hat, and many other souvenirs.

Other Things to See or Do=]

The Schmutzer Primate Center are inside The Ragunan Zoo, so you can see another animals beside Primate in The Ragunan Zoo.

Travel Tips

The Brige over the gorila enclosure. Photo"BOS"
  • You can't bring food or drink inside the Schmutzer Primate Center.
  • You are not allowed to feed the animal.


For more information about the Schmutzer Primate Center and the activities of BOS (The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) please see the website:

Grajagan (G-Land) not just as a perfect wave, but as a perfect adventure.

....G-Land. G-Spot. Gee-Whiz Land!..a world famous wave that is definitely not overrated.. an awesome, overpowering arena..and, until exploitated, it will remain a prime destination of the surfing world, a place where surfers can come to live out a lo

Photo " G-Land Surf Camp"
ng awaited fantasy....

- Recent comments by various surf media about G-Land, or Grajagan, a now legendary surf spot on the southeastern coast of Java. (Indonesia Surfing-Periplus Action Guide)Your Ad Here

Exotic surf travel almost never has the kind of grace and logic that it does in magazines and movies. Beautiful, uncharted waves are out there, but its a long, tedious, sometimes dangerous job finding them. Only a few surfers ever sail out into the great unknown. This is why many people today think of Grajagan (G-Land), in southeast Java, not just as a perfect wave, but as a perfect adventure.

More than a name or a place, G-land is a haven. So close but yet so far from Bali, G-land is a magnet for swell and is definitely not overrated. The set up in G-land is simple, the relaxed atmosphere and pumping waves make for an experience like no other surf trip. Starting with the fact that its located at

Photo " G-Land Surf Camp"
the edge of a jungle filled with birds, reptiles, insects and other creatures not found on the beaches of Sydney or Los Angeles.

G-Land is a long fast wave typical of most Indonesian waves, suggested surf board length at 68 " 72 Gun " unless you surf like a top 44 contender, so bring a couple of Guns and your hot-dogger for the small days or down at 20/20s. You should bring at least 2 boards, Indonesian waves are powerful and its possible to break boards, so be prepared and bring at least two boards.

Trenggalek - Cool,Calm and Beautiful Place


Welcome to Bangkalan Tourism

Trenggalek is situated on the South-West of Surabaya, the Capital city of East Java Province, and bordered by Tulungagung in the East, Indonesian Ocean in the South, Pacitan and Ponorogo in the West, Ponorogo and Tulungagung Regencies in the North.
Trenggalek covers 126.140 Ha, a part of it, is mountainous and the rest is lowland. And tourism places which is very exciting as the other objects.

Trenggalek regencies is enriched with various potential natural resources such as: maining material (marble, limestons, meteorit, orcher, piropillit, feldspar, caolin, trass, sandstons, etc). Agriculture product (rice, corn soja), plantation products (coffee, colve, cacao, coconut mangosteen, zalacca and durian), forest products (such as terpentine as row material for gondorukem / gum) and tourism places which so exciting as the other objects.

There are many visitors often visit this regency to spent their holiday. The visitors are interesting with Trenggalek's tourism objects, such as: Prigi Beach, Damas Beach, Pelang Beach, Karanggongso Beach, Lowo Cave, and also Trenggalek's traditional art and food. Its beautiful and origin beaches are able to invite many visitors. Those visitors are also interesting in Trenggalek's anniversary. It usually held some of traditional attraction, which very interesting.

As coastal area, Trenggalek has many fishermen who can catch many fresh fishes from the sea. They have annual ceremony that called "Larung Semboyo". This ceremony is mean to thank to God because of His blessing to all fishermen.

Don't be hesitated to visit Trenggalek. Enjoy its beaches, traditional food and the other interesting places in Trenggalek.

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Beautiful Weh Island

Weh Island is often referred to by the name of its capital, Sabang. It is the westernmost island of the Indonesian archipelago. Situated at the mouth of the Malacca strait is a sea passage for many yachts and cruise ships.
Diving in Weh Island is a well-established recreational activity with dive masters and dive instructors ready to offer a variety of dives to sites like the fabled Sea Garden in Rubiah Island.

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Here is the ferry schedule between Ulee Lheue harbour in Banda Aceh with Balohan harbour in Weh island.
Express ferry (45 minutes)
Price: Economy - 60.000 IDR, Executive (AC) - 70.000 IDR, VIP - 90.000 IDR
Ulee Lheue - Balohan:
10.00 and 16.00 WIB

Balohan - Ulee Lheue: 08.30 and 15.00 WIB
Slow ferry is cheaper (about 15.000 IDR per person) and able to take vehicles in it, but it sails for 2 hours.

In Balohan, there are many public transportations (car that can be filled by 10 people) have waited, they are called L300. To Gapang/Iboih, we can charter 1 car (300.000 - 500.000 IDR) or just pay per seats (50.000 IDR per person).

Resorts (offer bungalows) in Gapang:
1. Leguna (ph. +628126951415)
2. Flamboyan (ph. +6281360272270)

3. Lumba-Lumba (ph. +62811682787)
Lumba-Lumba is the most exclusive one. I spent a weekend night there for 25 euro (while other resorts will cost about 250.000 IDR), but they only provide accomodations for their divers. So if you use their diving services or equipments, you are allowed to book a bungalow. Lumba-Lumba diving center is owned by a dutch couple, while the rest resorts are managed by local people. I took an introduction dive course, 1 professional dive master was only for me. For the price lists, you can check at the website. I do not know if this is just a temporary euphoria, but I can not wait for my next diving! It is a nice experience, I think I want to learn it seriously sengihnampakgigi

Gapang to Iboih only takes 3 km. Not like Gapang, accommodations in Iboih are more poor, suitable for backpacker. They only offer basic needs for staying. So I and my friend decided to stay the night at Gapang and go to Iboih in the afternoon. I went there by renting a motorcycle (50.000 IDR for half day, 80.000 IDR for full day). In Iboih, I took fiber glass boat to go around Rubiah island to see the Sea Garden. With fiber glass boat, we can see the corals, fishes and other sea creatures under. It costs 250.000 IDR. There are many dive sites, but I just did snorkeling, with fear. Haha the next island to Rubiah is Seulako, people said we can find many sharks there T.T it was so frightening me out *haha culun* Although the boat-driver said my snorkeling place is far from Seulako, but still it's the sea rite! They can go to any part of the seagigitjari Well I was afraid maybe because I jumped to the sea alone. While when I dived in Gapang, I did it together with a professional guide, so I even felt excited when I see a little shark in my first diving siul Ohh for snorkeling, we can rent the equipments each cost 15.000 IDR.
From Gapang, I went to Sumur Tiga for relaxing in Santai resort, owned by Freddie (a south african old nice guy). You can contact Pak Walid (ph. +6281377384747) from Kedai Naguna (one of restaurants in Gapang) to take you from Gapang to... anywhere you want jelir using (still) L300. It cost me 50.000 IDR from Gapang to Sumur Tiga.

Freddie have two resorts there: Santai and Casa Nemo, really closed to the beach, very perfect place for relaxing (just like its name, Santai means "relax" in Bahasa). I was swimming (read. playing with the water sengihnampakgigi), sleeping on the lazy-beach-chair, playing scrabble, domino, snake and ladder with friends, reading books and magazine upon a swing... like heaven! (And I wonder why the good resorts are always owned by the foreigners)

Price list in Santai (ph. +6281360255001).
Bungalow: weekend - 275.000 IDR, weekday - 225.000 IDR
Ensuite room:
weekend - 250.000 IDR, weekday - 210.000 IDR
Eating (buffet):
Breakfast: 30.000 IDR, Lunch: 40.000 IDR, Dinner: 50.000 IDR
Transportation Balohan - Resort:
25.000 IDR

Transportation Resort - Balohan:
20.000 IDR

For the bungalow, staying at Freddie is indeed cheaper than Lumba-Lumba. But in Gapang, we can find many warung (local restaurants) along the beach in cheap price. While in Sumur Tiga, it's hard to find warung so we need to order in the resort. So at the end, it costs more when staying in Sumur Tiga -__- 

The Thousand Islands, a Sensational Maritime Tourism

The Thousand Islands, is a popular maritime tourist attraction in Jakarta. This 342 island archipelago offers millions of natural sites for domestic and foreign tourists. Beside diving to enjoy the beauty of the underwater flora and fauna, you could fish, paddle, or swim. This archipelago is situated only two hours journey from Jakarta and is  relatively inexpensive.
Each island has its own character. For instance, Puteri Island in the north of this archipelago has soft white sand, an underwater aquarium, and a mini zoological garden. This island is an ideal place for swimming, diving and other activities. Kotok island has natural sites with clean seawater.

Getting There

To reach the Thousand Islands, you can go to the Marina Ancol tourism site from Soekarno-Hatta airport, Jakarta. From there, use a speedboat. It will take about 20 minutes.

Getting Around

Some resorts in the Thousand Islands provide transportation for tourists. In addition, the government also provides speed boats called “Transjakarta Lumba-Lumba“ and “Transjakarta Kerapu“.

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To Do

Beautiful reefs offer a special diving sensation. This island is also known as a site for Elang Bondol (Brahminy Kite) conservation, which is the mascot of Jakarta province. Pramuka Island is the site for the The Thousand Island National Park.

You could see rare sea biota, turtle hatchlings, or the Hatchery Laboratory for Rare Sea Biota. You could also feed turtles and release hatchlings to the sea. On this island, you could also see a butterfly conservation site including the butterfly methamorphosis cycle.
Other islands frequently visited by divers include Peniki, Matahari, Gosonglaga, Kotok, Papa Theo, and Sepa islands omong others. These islands have cheap and expensive resorts, hotels and restaurants. Almost in all islands, you could enjoy the jet skis, banana boats, canoes, and even karaoke provided by many resorts.
Several types of flora and fauna frequently found in the Thousand Island include coral reefs, starfish, sand starfish, Betok fish (Anabas Testudineus Bloch) and onamental fish such as the Sargent Major fish among others.

Bidadari Island

Bidadari is a white sand island with amazing underwater life located in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara.  This island is only 15 hectares wide.  Its beautiful underwater panorama is an interesting tourist attraction.

In 2006 and 2007, this island was fiercely debated over by politicians and central government officials because its ownership was controlled by an English investor who developed tourist driven infrastructure and attractions.  The island is still Indonesian territory and such control is only temporary. The English investor is planning to establish a resort on the island.

In addition to Bidadari, Serayu, Kanawa and Kukusan Kecil islands are also located near Labuan Bajo and they have various types of beautiful coral reefs, fish and assorted sea life.

Getting There

It will take only 30 minutes by motor boat from the Labuan Bajo port to Bidadari.  There are two to three flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo by Transnusa, IAT (Indonesia Air Transport), and Merpati.  From Kupang, there are flights twice a week.  When the weather is good, motorboats are also available everyday from Sape, West Nusa Tenggara.  The Pelni ship from Bali and Lombok makes a stop over here every two weeks.

Getting Around

There are no roads on Bidadari island but you can walk to explore this beautiful island.  To enjoy its waters, you can rent a motorboat from the Labuan Bajo port for a half, or full day.

To Do

Sunbathing in quite white beaches must be fun.  You can also go diving and snorkeling to observe the beautiful coral reefs and various types of underwater sea life and habitat.

To Stay

No hotel is available here.  Ernest Lewan Dowsky, the English investor, is currently planning to build a resort here.  The nearest rooming accommodations are in Labuan Bajo and range from motels for backpackers to luxurious hotels.

Hotel Bintang Flores (0385-42000) on Pede Beach is the most luxurious hotel in Labuan Bajo at present.  You can also stay in the Bajo Komodo Eco Lodge (0385-41391/, Gardena Hotel, Golo Hilltop, Chez Felix, Green Hill, Bajo Beach Hotel or Hotel Wisata.

To Eat

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There are no restaurants or food stalls here.  Restaurants are only available in Labuan Bajo.  Restoran Gardena (in Hotel Gardena) is a favorite restaurant.  Various types of European and Indonesian foods are available here.

To Buy

Souvenir shops are available in Labuan Bajo.  You can buy woven fabrics, traditional Songket fabrics and Komodo wooden statues from kiosks and shops along Yos Sudarso Street.


Please wear a hat & sunglasses and apply sunblock to your skin.

Ubud: A Place of Serenity and Peace

You either come to Bali to be entertained or to relax. For the romantic atmosphere and fabulous nightlife, beaches in Bali offer a mixture of excitement, adventure and pleasure. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, then Ubud is the place for you.

Enriched with culture and verdant vista, Ubud offers a respite from humdrum of your busy life. In the past it was just a small village, but now this place has grown bigger. Ubud seeks to pamper the visitors—in body and soul. Fine dining restaurants and spas here will delight and relax the senses. A walk near the paddy fields will leave a lasting impression, and the sight is fantastic enough to make you want to hold your breath.

The best way to observe traditions and culture of Balinese is through mingling with the locals and watching their day to day routine. In this relatively small place, you can visit the temples and villages, relatively unchanged. Shown on the upper left is a traditional ritual you can find almost daily. (Image source: Yves Picq, Wikimedia Commons.)

Art galleries are also abundant. Pieces of art are waiting to be explored and appreciated, who knows you might find the perfect painting or statue to grace the blank spot in your living room?

Getting There

Various transportations from all over Bali are available. If you decide to visit Ubud right from the airport, you can hail a prepaid cab but the fee might be quite hefty. You can take a regular taxi or rental car to this place. Public transportation like bus can also take you here.

Getting Around

Since Ubud is relatively small, you can explore it on foot or hire a bicycle/motorcycle. Bear in mind that due to hilly terrain, you should ask locals first which places are more comfortable explored on foot, by bicycle, motorcycle or even car.

Taxis are available but they are considered somewhat of a rare species. If you prefer traveling by car, use “taxis” in the shape of private vehicles with drivers, they usually can be found in the street corner.

On the right: entrance to Ubud. (Image credit: っ, Wikimedia Commons)

To Do

This region is filled with history and culture. Many remnants from the old kingdom of Bali can be found here, and unique crafts and arts are waiting to be discovered. Known for its tranquility, Ubud offers several natural retreats. The lush, green view and cool atmosphere makes morning and afternoon stroll pleasant.

You might be interested in doing some sightseeing in the remnants of Bali kingdom. Tirta Empul is nearby, only 15 km away. Here you can see Tirta Empul temple. About 8 km away is Pejeng, here you can visit the museum and temples. When you’re around why not complete your trip by visiting archeological sites in Bedulu? It’s only 3 km away.

Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), shown on the upper right (credit: China Crisis, Wikimedia Commons), is also worth visiting. Located about 1 km from Teges, legend says that it was created from a giant’s fingernail. It probably was first utilized in 11th century, during Majapahit occupation of Bali. Dutch archaeologist rediscovered this place in the 1920s but the bathing area was not found until in the 1950s.

It’s interesting to note that the entrance of this cave is carved in the shape of a demon-like creature. Statue of Ganesh adorns the inside. Bathing pools with water still gushing out can be found nearby, and some say the water will help you look younger.

Ubud is the perfect place to indulge in watching cultural events and performances. Kecak, Legong and Barong dances are performed weekly. Ramayana and Mahabharata ballets, gamelan (orchestra made of traditional music instruments) and wayang kulit (traditional Indonesian puppets from leather). The picture on the right (source: Jack Merridew, Wikimedia Commons) shows Ngaben, the traditional way of cremating the departed. 

Too tense and caught up in everyday world? Indulge yourself in the spas around Ubud, with exotic spices to tease your senses and relaxation is the ultimate goal.

Adventurous folks might want to try white water rafting in Sungai Ayung. Many outdoor activities are available as well, contact the local tour agencies. While your spouse relaxes in the spa, you can pump your adrenaline and enjoy a different way to relieve your stress!

The artist in you just yearns to come out of the surface—so take some art classes and courses in Ubud! Ever wondered how batik is done, and how rare masterpieces can be created? Or perhaps you’d love to design and create your own silver jewelry? Learn them here. For those who are more interested in culinary skills, cooking classes are also available.

Ubud is the home of Ubud Writers & Readers Festival ( where book enthusiasts, namely writers and readers around the world gather and share their experiences and of course, stories. It’s usually held in October every year.

To Stay

Many inns to star hotels can easily be found here. Posh accommodations are available who prefer luxury above all else. Modest inns or even homestays are available to the ones who would live to view Balinese daily life.

To Eat

The Monkey Forest Street and Jalan Hanoman provides many choices of restaurants, from western cuisine to Balinese dishes.

To Buy

For keepsakes, make sure to visit South of Ubud. You can find hundreds of craft shops offering art products and handmade souvenirs, especially from stone and wood. If you’re planning to stay for a while you can ask the artists to custom made your order. If shopping is your middle name, then Pasar Seni (Art Market), Jalan Raya Ubud, Monkey Forest Street, Jalan Hanoman and Jalan Dewi Sita must be included into your itinerary.

While there, why not visit Monkey Forest Sanctuary? The sanctuary's home to hundreds of long-tailed monkeys, with a beautiful temple at its center.

Julia Roberts Begins Filming Eat Pray and Love in Bali

Julia Roberts Begins Filming Eat Pray and Love in Bali

Oscar-winning Hollywood star Julia Roberts has arrived in Bali for what is expected to be a month-long filming of the Bali portion of Elizabeth Gilbert's novel "Eat Pray Love."

Gilbert's best-selling autobiographical recounting of her post-divorce travels in Italy, India and Bali is to become a Columbia Pictures (Sony) film starring Roberts, Javier Bardem and Richard Jenkins. In the story, Gilbert spent four months in Italy, eating and enjoying life (Eat). She spent four months in India, trying to find her spirituality (Pray). She ended the year in Bali, Indonesia, looking for "balance" of the two, and love (Love).

Indeed, Bali is the center of balance between life pleasure and spiritual fulfillment as the island offers beautiful landscapes, relaxing beaches and culinary delights while Balinese determination to uphold their unique culture and spirituality seems always to amaze its visitors. Bali has constantly awarded as top international destination by various travel media, the Travel & Leisure Magazine has awarded Bali as the World's Best Island in 2009.

Bali filming is focused on areas in and around Ubud and Bali's southernmost beach with cast and crew staying in various five star hotels on the island.

Filming is also scheduled to take place in Ubud's famous Monkey Forest in Padangtegal, Nyuh Kuning, Pengosekan and the traditional art market in Ubud.

Cok Ace, who is also the leader of Ubud's royal household, has issued a special invitation to Julia Roberts to his Palace for dinner. It remains to be seen, however, if the notoriously reclusive star will set aside time on her schedule for visits with Cok Ace or Bali's governor.