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GUNUNG GEDE-PANGRANGO NATIONAL PARK : The Most Visited National Park in Indonesia

Since the 19th century, the Gede-Pangrango area has been a living laboratory for researchers. The trail on the south-eastern slopes was found by Sir Thomas Raffles in 1811, although the earliest recorded climb of Mount Gede was by C.G.C. Reinwardt in 1819.
Among many points of interest in the park, Bodogol Conservation Education Center offers wide variety of interests. Hanging twenty-five meters above ground, a

canopied walkway is one of the park’s best attraction although extra precaution should be taken at several points in which the walkway’s condition has deteriorated.

How to Get There:
From Jakarta, go to Bogor and further up to Cibodas in approximately 2.5 hours drive (100 km) by using a car.
The Best Season to Visit:
May to September every year.

Gunung Gede-Pangrango National Park
Jl. Raya Cibodas PO Box 3, Sindanglaya
Cipanas 43253, Cianjur – Jawa Barat
Ph. (0263) 512776, Fax. (0263) 519415

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